Age.  Ethnicity.  Income level.  Too often we view each other as part of a category.  We stereotype.  The Core is a podcast series dedicated to teens interviewing teens.  Our interviews break down barriers. They explore that which is different but mostly that which is common.  You might be shocked.  You might be surprised.  But, we hope… that in some small way, you'll be inspired.

Episode 122

Episode 122: Human Rights Are Not Up For Grabs (3:13)

The 2016 Presidential Election sparked a wave of feminism as the Republican Nominee Donald Trump used hurtful rhetoric during his campaign which undoubtedly affected women and girls. Lindsey Staub reports.

Episode 120

Episode 122: The Deciding Factor (4:04)

Is senior year really as easy as they say? Journalist Miranda Kim interviews high school seniors to reveal the thoughts and considerations behind college decisions. What is the ultimate deciding factor?

Episode 121

Episode 121: Kupatia (4:52)

High School Senior, Eavan Burke, had a life changing experience on the tea plantations of Kenya, Africa. She decided to aid to the workers by creating a 100% non-profit organization. For more information, visit Danielle Keshtkar reports.

Episode 120

Episode 120: Change is Challenging (4:04)

The summer before her sophomore year of high school, Audrey’s parents filed for a divorce. This momentous change affected her views on family, marriage, and love. Lindsey Staub reports.

Episode 119

Episode 119: Hometown Unknown (3:03)

Within Taylor's 16 years, she has lived in eight places all over the country. Taylor explains the impact moving has had on her life and how each place has shaped her as a person. Ava Dahle reports.

Episode 118

Episode 118: Never Too Young to Save Lives (3:54)

At the mere age of 16, Jihana Mendu went on the adventure of a lifetime to Peru. While there to pursue her ambition of working in the medical field, she had the chance to perform medical procedures far beyond the norm for any other high schooler. Katie Orr reports.

Episode 117

Episode 117: Living the T1Dream (5:45)

Olivia was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in 2010. Three years later, her best friend, Allison, was diagnosed with the same disease. They talk to each other about their common experiences. Olivia Polischeck reports.

Episode 116

Episode 116: The USC Roar (1:00)

As a podcast made for KCRW’s SoundLA program, this 1-minute podcast shares the impact that the crowd’s roar at the USC Coliseum has on the head football coach’s son, Reid Helton. Julia Hitzel reports.

Episode 115

Episode 115: The Fight for Secular Education (2:58)

We strive to make our parents proud of us. However, when Paige was faced with the difficult decision of choosing between her mother's faith and her access to education, she was forced to put her own needs before her mother’s.

Episode 114

Episode 114: Understanding Dad (2:21)

When Kate was 12 years old, her entire world changed. Her dad made a shocking confession to her family - that he is gay. Jasmyn Harlan reports.

Episode 113

Episode 113: Chasing a Dream (4:24)

Steffi’s passion, dedication, and strength contributed to her achieving the unthinkable. No injury or distraction would tarnish her goal of playing softball at a collegiate level. Danielle Keshtkar reports.

Episode 112

Episode 112: Wanderlust (4:42)

Within the past 4 years, Megan has travelled to all 7 continents, and at only 16 years old, she feels like her view on life has been changed forever. Her unique experiences on her trip to Africa showed her how much she has to be grateful for. Sophia Khoury reports.

Episode 111

Episode 111: Failure is Not an Option (4:45)

After developing a passion for basketball in Kindergarten, Jacob has dedicated himself to mastering the sport - even when the challenge was great. Joe Rich reports.

Episode 108: Laughing Through It (6:17)

Episode 110: Playing Against the Odds (5:09)

Aiming for the goal of becoming a professional hockey player doesn't come without a cost for this teenager. Countless hours of practice and perseverance keep him focused. Joe Rich reports.

Episode 108: Laughing Through It (6:17)

Episode 109: Composing Through Life (4:08)

Some kids want to be entertained, Rachel enjoys entertaining. At the age of 7, she picked up the guitar. Since then she's learned several other instruments, written her own songs, and even scripted and produced 2 original plays. Rachel can't imagine living without storytelling.

Episode 108: Laughing Through It (6:17)

Episode 108: Laughing Through It (6:17)

Since she was a little girl, Saphira's life has been structured around the limits of her physical disability. Pushing through physical and emotional pain alike, she's learning how to take the it all in stride.

Episode 107: Diverging from Musical Tradition (5:30)

Episode 107: Diverging from Musical Tradition (5:30)

Teenagers of the modern United States focus primarily on their own society's music and traditions, not taking into account the vast amount of other cultures in the world. Brandon decided to deviate from this social norm, educating himself on various cultures and incorporating their personalities into his music.

Episode 106: Against the Influence

Episode 106: Defying the Influence (15:08)

From the outside, it seemed like Michael had it all - parents who loved him, a supportive brother, an affluent home, and good grades. But, wanting to be "cool," Michael entered what would become a life controlled by drugs.

Episode 105

Episode 105: One Step at a Time (5:42)

David must face the emotional whirlwind caused by his father's death, due to long-term lung cancer, while also maintaining the honed-in lifestyle of a brilliant student and disciplined runner.

*The Core is honored to have "One Step at a Time" chosen as one of PRX's Best Youth-Made Radio of 2012!

Episode 104

Episode 104: Between Dreams and Family (5:04)

Malcolm, a sixteen year old in the lesser developed country of Myanmar, bravely defies traditional culture. Against everything he has been taught, Malcolm breaks away from his parents’ expectations in order to fulfill his passion.

Episode 103

Episode 103: Starving for Perfection (7:37)

In a world where the pressure to be "perfect" overwhelms aspiring teens, one can be her own worst critic. Overwhelmed with even minor mistakes, Chloe knew that her eating was one thing that she could control.

Episode 102

Episode 102: Persevere! (12:13)

Even with a severe injury, Rachel defies expectations and pushes herself to new accomplishments, persevering through a triathlon for a cause.

Episode 101

Episode 101: Getting out of Gang Life (16:03)

With a life surrounded by gangs and violence, how does Kaycee escape all she knows in search of a better future?